Our Philosophy

Core Values

The Plasencia Group takes pride in successfully serving our clients with ardent passion, securing direct access to high-level decision-makers, and providing the certainty of a thorough and professionally-orchestrated process. These three words: Passion, Access and Certainty, represent the basic tenets of our philosophy. Every member of the firm is dedicated to delivering for our clients with a personalized level of commitment that is unsurpassed in our industry. Our goal is to make this singular approach the appreciable difference that continuously drives clients to The Plasencia Group.

Passion – Our sales professionals are empowered by a passion for results that energizes the entire marketing effort and maximizes the return on our clients’ hospitality investments.

Access – Our clients enjoy ready access to our principals, proprietary research and advice, as well as access to key industry decision-makers and investors around the globe.

Certainty – We guarantee that any engagement we take on will receive full exposure only to the most qualified investors, while completing a proven and regimented process.

Guiding Principles

The Plasencia Group’s employees guide themselves each day by the following principles:

  • Confianza is a Spanish word used to describe the intimate trust, confidence, and comfort that develops among friends trusting and relying on each other.  We strive to earn the valued friendship and confianza of those with whom we do business by providing prudent yet straightforward counsel in a professional and ethical manner.
  • We always place our clients’ interests first and believe in serving our clients well.
  • Dedication to the firm and to our clients is an essential element in our success. The professional quality of our work allows us to achieve excellence in all engagements.
  • Information is power. We strive to be aware of activities, events or trends that may impact our business or our clients’ businesses.
  • We stay on the leading edge of practices and deliver creative solutions.
  • Without the best people, we cannot be the best firm. Our compensation program rewards our employees and ensures their interests are always aligned with those of our clients.
  • Our size is an asset. Our talent is deep enough to undertake the largest project, yet small enough to maintain intimacy with our clients.
  • Our key assets are our people, our experience and our reputation. We are dedicated to living by our ethical tenets and principles.
  • Our business is highly competitive, and we aggressively seek to enhance our client relationships, but we will never put down our competition.
  • We keep in strict confidence all confidential information.
  • Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business.
  • We work to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our clients and the lodging investment market.
  • Our focus is on our clients and partners. They always come first, last and everywhere in between.

The Plasencia Group is a certified Women/Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (WMBE).

Code of Ethics

The Plasencia Group’s Code of Ethics & Conduct provides a uniform set of principles guiding the way we conduct business, perform our jobs and maintain our clients’ trust. All of our employees and independent contractors are expected to use these principles in their daily activities. The trust our clients and partners have placed in us is our most valuable asset. Our code sets forth the following fundamental principles and policies:

  • Each member of the firm assesses his or her own practice area to ensure highest levels of service for our clients.
  • As a corporate policy, we typically represent only one side of a transaction: the “sell” side entity. Where the possibility of a dual agency arises, we will first disclose this to both sides of the proposed transaction and receive written confirmation from both sides.
  • We will advise our firm’s Chief Administrative and Compliance Officer of any potential conflict of interest, who will then decide if we may continue to represent our client.
  • We will not disclose confidential information unless we have been authorized to do so.
  • We will always be forthcoming with our client, never withholding background information about an investor or facts we have learned about a property.
  • We will present all offers for a property to our client and we will not withhold any offers in an effort to defraud a client.
  • We will always disclose all information about a property which may affect the value.
  • We will use good judgment when giving gifts to individuals employed by our clients or to other third parties with whom we do business.
  • We will not offer, make or promise to make any illegal, improper or questionable payment or commitment for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business or securing any improper advantage, directly or indirectly.
  • We will not knowingly be involved with a third party in any acts prohibited by law.
  • We will never knowingly participate in a scheme to launder money, under-report the size of a cash transaction or illegally avoid tax liability.
  • We will not accept any escrow deposits or other currency. Instead, we will refer the entity to an unrelated third-party escrow agent, with our client’s knowledge.
  • We will not immediately resell a recently sold property or debt instrument to another party that results in our original client not maximizing its value.
  • We will not profit from any exclusive engagement beyond the compensation arrangements that have been agreed to with our client.
  • We will take appropriate steps to ensure that the people we engage to act on our behalf or on behalf of our clients comply with our standards and our Code of Ethics & Conduct.
  • Our goal is to obtain the most profitable results for our client. We will do so in a manner which is ethical and promotes the highest levels of integrity for our firm and our client.

Each employee of the firm is committed to honest and ethical conduct, including the prompt handling of actual or potential conflicts of interest, the full, accurate and timely disclosure of such conflicts, and the immediate reporting of any violations to our Chief Administrative and Compliance Officer.