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White Duck Taco Shop

By January 3, 2020On The Road

White Duck Taco Shop

3 locations in Asheville, North Carolina | | (828) 676-1859

WDTS is fresh, funky and fast and exactly the sort of place you’d expect to find Asheville. With its simple but colorful, hand-lettered decor, and unique take on tacos, its the perfect place to grab a light pick-me-up or stay to try a half-dozen combos and a margarita or two. Either way, you are sure to find something you’ve probably never tasted on a taco before – all of which is wonderfully prepared and equally delicious. This is the sort of place you want to eat lunch at every day of the week – your new favorite taco place.

What to Order

The Korean Beef Bulgogi taco with homemade Kimchi is unexpected and outstanding as it the Duck w Mole taco. Round out your order with some chips and a variety of salsas.

Additional Tips

With three Asheville locations to choose from, you’re never too far from good tacos. We visited the Arden location, in South Asheville, on a dreary and cold day which no doubt thinned out the crowd, but expect to wait a bit in line if the weather is nice – especially for the waterfront or downtown locations. The food is extremely reasonably priced but does come ala carte. Three tacos is just about right.

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Matt Sinclair | (813) 445-4743 |