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Jean-Georges Beverly Hills

By January 12, 2018February 13th, 2018On The Road

Jean-Georges Beverly Hills

9850 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California 90210 | | (310) 860-6566

Jean-Georges at the new Waldorf-Astoria in Beverly Hills delivers five-star service and even better food! The restaurant is absolutely beautiful with lots of natural light. It is spacious, with plenty of room between tables, and a great, covered outdoor seating area adjoining the dining room. Either room is the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a special occasion. I’ve been to JG several times, the latest for breakfast. The restaurant team was outstanding. Service was attentive yet unobtrusive with plenty of staff ensuring that no detail was missed. We’ll definitely be back.

What To Order

I highly recommend the creative and colorful Sunny Side Up Frittata. This low-calorie, two-egg dish was flavorful with its combination of bacon, roasted corn, cherry tomatoes, fine herbs, slivered hot peppers and sharp cheddar. If you want to splurge, order the oven roasted (and then flash-fried) potato shells. This meal would be a great way to start your day after a cool walk in Beverly Hills.

Additional Tips

If the day is cool, dining in the outdoor dining area is refreshing. There is lots of action and celebrity viewing indoors while the outdoor area is much more laid back.

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