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Lil’ Dizzy’s Cafe

By October 13, 2017February 13th, 2018On The Road

Lil’ Dizzy’s Cafe

1500 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116 | | (504) 569-8997

Lil’ Dizzy’s is as New Orleans as it gets. It’s on the north side of the Quarter, on Esplanade and Robertson. This is where the locals go for breakfast and lunch, and it’s kind of serves as the defacto “satellite office” for New Orleans PD detectives when they’re doing their community policing.

What To Order

You gotta have the Jambalaya omelette for breakfast. Yup, Jambalaya for breakfast. Trust me! If you’re around for lunch, the shrimp and grits will leave you scraping the plate and wanting more.

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Lou Plasencia | (813) 932-1234 |