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One Eared Stag

By June 8, 2018On The Road

One Eared Stag

1029 Edgewood Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30307 | | (404) 525-4479

Start your day in Atlanta the right way by visiting this quirky American eatery.

What To Order

The Silver Platter… it’s breakfast anytime. The contents of the Platter change every so often, but to give you an idea, when it’s put in front of you, start with a sour cream cake doughnut smothered in butter sugar glaze. Alongside is a short stack of flapjacks covered with bacon slices and doused in sorghum that is dusted in a unique duck liver butter. Since this is Atlanta, it’s natural that the platter would come with a fluffy southern black pepper biscuit sandwich combining a grilled country pork pate patty and a fried quail egg. Next to the biscuit are a southern staple: chicken and waffles with a thick maple syrup. Then, instead of the typical hash browns, the Stag has their own version of beef hash, made with onions and potatoes and covered with a fried duck egg. Finally, the coup de grace is the shrimp and grits! Savory cheese grits are smothered with spicy and saucy jumbo gulf shrimp. Oh, did I mention it’s all topped off with an ice-cold beer? The One Eared Stag is a great choice for breakfast.

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