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Salt Kitchen & Bar

By December 21, 2018March 12th, 2019On The Road

Salt Kitchen & Bar

588 Wentworth Road, New Castle, New Hampshire 03854 | | (603) 422-7322

A trip to Portsmouth isn’t complete without a meal at Salt Kitchen & Bar, located in the historic Wentworth by the Sea Marriott Hotel & Spa.

What To Order

The flatbread pizza is absolutely the best I have had anywhere in the world. The dough is made with very little, if any, sugar, creating a thin and crisp crust when cooked in a high temperature oven. The ingredients include fresh tomatoes, mozzarella pulled on-site, fresh herbs from the restaurant garden and most any other topping you would like. This shareable meal makes for a truly memorable dining experience, particularly when paired with a Sangiovese or Gamay-based red wine.

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