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Skylight Inn BBQ

By March 29, 2019On The Road

Skylight Inn BBQ

4618 Lee Street, Ayden, North Carolina 28513 | | (252) 746-4113

About 90 minutes east of Raleigh sits tiny Ayden, NC, and Skylight Inn – the home of maybe the best BBQ pork in the U.S. This family run operation has been passed down for generations and hasn’t changed much in the 70 years it has been open. When you walk in the door of this little joint, two things stand out – the smell of smoked pork and a rhythmic drum-like sound that comes from pork being chopped on a wood board nonstop in the kitchen.

What To Order

The menu has a couple different BBQ options, but the only real choice is the BBQ pork, ideally enjoyed on a bun with coleslaw. The pork is smoky, tender, with a slight tang and spice from a vinegar pepper sauce. With the freshness of the slaw and straightforward bun, this is a simple but nearly perfect sandwich.

Additional Tips

The restaurant is closed on Sundays and open from 10am-7pm the rest of the week.

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